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WinDiskXP is another powerful product developed by WEWARE, which is designed for making virtual encrypted disks and virtual CD on Windows. Based on the virtual driver technology of FileDisk, WinDiskXP protect your data from stolen.

    How It Works
    Easy to use
    Supported windows formats
    Easy created
    Mount or unmount easy
    No TMPs
    Why Encryption is Needed
  1. How It Works: It works similarly with a USB storage.The Microsoft System provides a driver,which makes all data in the USB disk stored in the USB,while WinDiskXP provides a drive,which makes all data in the virtual disk stored in the virtual disk file. All operations you need to master are just the same as the ones of a usual disk.You can use it as normal disk, storing any files (e.g. documents, pictures, music, movies...), and opening these files directly from the virtual encrypted disk. You can even install application on it. The different is when data are written to the encryption disk, they will automatically be encrypted and stored on the file. Nobody else can access to the data in encryption disk without correct password.

  2. Easy to use: WinDiskXP shows you a friendly interface. Manage your virtual disk very easy!

  3. Supported windows formats: Virtual disks created by WinDiskXP is just as any other disk. supports all windows file system such as Fat,Fat32,NTFS. You can format your virtual disk as you need, and it doesn't change your hard disk partition.

  4. Easy created: Being store on a file, you can simple deletion, copy or remove the virtual hard disk file as you will not change your hard disk partition nor the data in the disk. You can even move a virtual file from one computer to another one. While a traditional hard disk require to backup files and documents one after one and you are always afraid of losing data after reinstall the system.

  5. Encryption: Above all,WinDiskXP protects your data by encrypting the stored data.Data stored in the virtual disk are unable to be taken out without correct password.
    Many directory's Encryption Tools simply make your directory invisible,however,the data are not encrypted at all.They can be easily decoded with some dos command.
    The Microsoft NTFS Format provides the data with a real encryption,but you have to cancel the encryption or make a boring backup before reinstalling your system.If you forgot to do that, it would be very difficult to reuse those data again after system was reinstalled as well as the system had broken down.
    When data are written to the encryption disk, they will automatically be encrypted and stored on the file.
    The only thing you need to do is set a password for your virtual disk and close your virtual hard disk when leaving your computer. Only the correct password can access the data store in your virtual disk!
    Further more, you can reopen your virtual disk through WinDiskXP and no data are lost after having reinstalled system.But DO remember your password well!

  6. Mount or unmount easy: Mount or unmount your virtual disk any time you need to.You can define any other file format as the virtual hard disk file,besides the WDK format. As others do not know that you have stored secret information in a common file,from which can efficiently prevent your data from being stolen.

  7. No TMPs: There will not create any temporary files, thus you needn't worry of being stolen your data from TMPs.

  8. Read-only: Virtual encrypted disk provides with read-only function. As you see, the file can modify or delete a even it has been set read-only by Windows as long as the Read-only is forced to be cancelled. As a result,virus or other hacker application can easily destroy your data.
    However,you can choose the function Read-only when mounting a virtual disk with WinDiskXP,after that,files stored in the disk can not be modified,deleted or input.Your data are just as safe as the ones stored in CD,which can not be destroyed!

  9. Why Encryption is Needed: Everybody has the right of privacy:You might have something quite personal stored in the office's computer or the one at home but have not encrypted those data.In this case,they are very likely to be read by others by chance.
    Many people use tools such as Winzip and Winrar to encrypt data,and release them when needed.It is feasible on many conditions,but the encryption and release take a lot of time.
    While the advantages of WinDiskXP are rather outstanding. A good example:You create an encrypted virtual disk with WinDiskXP and set the mails directory of Outlook into the said disk,then, your mails are safe as long as you quit Outlook and umount the virtual disk before you leave your computer.If you use TheBat instead of Outlook,you can even install and run TheBat in the virtual disk! It is safe and more convenient! If not,no matter how complicated password you set for the Outlook or TheBat,once the mailbox file is stolen all your mails are stolen!
    Once more,you can store the history file of MSN into a virtual hard disk so that your chatting records will not so easy be read by others.

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